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Year: 1984The Fellowship makes its pass through the rite of u0026quot;sexual nirvanau0026quot;, and on a simple saying fuck.But he does not want and leaves the Brotherhood.

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Traci Lords - the evil genius of porn!

Tracy revealed his talent in the mid-eighties, having had time to star in dozens of bands before they reached the age, status for this law.After a noisy process all of the underage nymphets were ruthlessly removed from stores and destroyed, bringing multimillion-dollar industry losses.Echoes of these events sounds today: many important works pornomasterov has no one ever sees, some of the actors had to break with the movie business forever.. .

only tape, which appeared after 18 Lords - Traci, I love you u0026quot;- is also the only film with her participation, which you can purchase and view legally.After the porn world before it slammed doors, the Lords continued her career in Hollywood, acting in many cult bands, such as u0026quot;Cry Babyu0026quot; by John Waters, vampire blockbuster u0026quot;Bladeu0026quot; TV series u0026quot;First Waveu0026quot;, and got to our blue screens.Most significant is the role of the minor queens porn today is not even mentioned in her official biography.


Traci Lords was born May 7, 1968in Shtoybenville (USA).In 15 years, deceiving everyone with fake driver's license, Tracy removed nude for magazines (Penthouse) and actively participates in the movies category u0026quot;Xu0026quot;.For two years she earned itself the status of porn star.In 1986,found that the mega-porn-old minor.Unfolded a huge company to rip it out of films with her participation.At age 18, Tracy lawfully acted in porn, do not forget to issue legal papers by which she becomes the sole owner of all profits from sales of their films.Angry porn suits Tracy boycott (the persecution of anyone who considered himself the owner of the rights to her movies).Well, what's Tracy?And she goes to school acting classes and Lee Strasberg in 1988debut in u0026quot;bigu0026quot; movie in the film u0026quot;Not of This Earthu0026quot;.. . She is now a famous TV host, singer and actress!

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