Sexandglory & Lesson of Passion Games CollectionA collection of games from studios "Sexandglory" and "Lesson of Passion"

Run/install games through autorun.exe, or manually (the games themselves are in the folder S&G gamesSexandGlory and LOP gamesLOP).
Hacked version of the games from LOP run in avtorane by right clicking. In avtorane for games from S&G after installing the game, the next time you click on the poster, will run the game itself, not the installer.
To install any game from S&G, next must lie file Chrome_port.exe!
Legend: h - there is a hacked version; r - is the English version, or Softonic (for games from S&G setting by right clicking).

The list of games
College Romance
Exposing sexy Alicia
Hank Moody
Hot wife story 2
Johnny Bullet
Jordan 500 Reloaded
Lake Party
Looking for Love
Living with Sasha
Living with Temtation (h+r)
My girl is a model
Nicole meets Roxy
Passion One (HD)
Prima Balerina
Ryan Blender
Shelly: the escort girl
SPY: Agent 069
Stripper pick-up
Trip to paradise
Working for Evil
7 Day Quest
Abyss (r)
The Cherubim (r)
Jade Didlo (r)
Medusa curse (r)
Mysterious Island (r)
House Party
Sensual Alchemist (r)

Hacking money in the curse of Medusa
In the file ..AppChromesexandgloryplaymedusaeventsintroevent.js (for example, Notepad) need to change money from 0 to 999.

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