The Other Side of JulieThe Other Side of Julie / Julia
Other Side Year: 1978
Country: USA
Genre: classic
Length: 1ch35m
Directed by: Anthony Riverton
Studio: Metro
Starring: John Leslie.. . Mike Robbins
Suzannah French. . .Julie Robbins (as Susannah French)
Jackie O'Neill. . .Isabel Carson
Joey Silvera. . . Frank Day (as Joe Maseria)
Paula Wain.. . Kim Carson (as Paula Donnely)
Richard Logan. . .Scotty
Kristine Heller. . . Stair sex girl
Tracy O'Neil. . .Gloria (as Gloria Roberts)
Carla Turner. . .Boutique girl
Elaine Wells. . .Mike's secretary (as Louise Madder)
Blair Harris. . .Tim (as Arthur Gray)
Alf Conners. . . Guy in truck
William Paulson. .. Guy in truck
George Banner. . . Older man in window
Amber Rae. . .Older woman in window (as Amber Phillips)

Other Side of Julie 'Shows High Quality from All Angles
Countless filmakers make attempts to bring mainstream quality to adult films, and fail.'The Other Side of Julie' is one of the handful of adult films that can claim that honor.
The problem filmakers face is time.In mainstream cinema, life goes on in compressed time and sex is essentially implied by a jump cut to the next day after a passionate kiss.THe story maintains integrity and motion because certain events can be cast aside.In porn, you have the same story lines, but the trials and tribulations of life get thrown away because - hell - you have to show the fucking.It's essential in genre.
'Julie' manages to have an engaging story, worthy of a mainstream film, while depicting some very hot, exciting sex.And the sex is not just thrown in and out of context like most porn films. Here's the story. . .
John Leslie plays a seemingly average married man who drags himself to his job as an insurance salesman every morning.His Loving wife is pining for more intimacy, but he claims to work a lot and is too tired when he gets home.John drives his station wagon as he goes to 'work. 'He has a secret life and business, though.One of his jobs is as a private financier of businesses for women.He fronts their start-up money for a business and collects with interest, plus interest.When he goes to collect the check, he gets laid too.His other scam is to date older women, steal from them, confess his misdeed, then gain sympathy with a sob story.He gets the cash and the pussy (and sympathy).
The story takes a twist when one of his older marks, turn the tables on him and threatens to call the police unless he becomes her consort.
So now the guy is really in a bind.On one hand, he's fucking like crazy, but on the other, he can't make love to his wife because he's tired.
Laer it becomes a family afair when his wifes niece comes into town to visit her mother who is also in town to visit John's wife later.Yes, you got it. John's blackmailing mark turns out to be his wife's sister (he had never met her).John's wife finds out and the family business will never be the same.

Scene Breakdowns Scene 1.Richard Logan, Tracy O'Neil
Scene 2. Carla Turner, John Leslie
Scene 3.Suzanne French
Scene 4.Alf Conners, Paula Wain, William Paulson
Scene 5.John Leslie, Kristine Heller
Scene 6.Chris Petersen, Joey Silvera
Scene 7.John Leslie, Paula Wain, Suzanne French
Scene 8.Jackie O'Neill, John Leslie
Scene 9.brun, David Pinney, Jackie O'Neill, Ray Wells
Scene 10.Flower, guy, Michael Morrison, Nancy Hoffman Scene
11.Carla Turner, John Leslie, Lori Blue
Scene 12.guy, Suzanne French

Quality: VHSRip
Format: MPEG
Video Codec: MPEG1
Audio Codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Video: MPEG1 Video 352x240 (107:80) 29.Vilka50 97fps 1150Kbps Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps

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